Best Software for Making Youtube Videos

In our digital age, Youtube is now one of the biggest social media sites that enable everyone to watch and upload videos about almost anything under and above the sun. With the right software, anyone can now share videos of anything that comes into their imagination. Here are eight of the best video editing software that will make sure that your videos cannot only share your ideas and experiences but can also feature them in the best way possible.

  1. Wondershare Filmora – With a wide range of compatibility, Wondershare Filmora is now one of the most famous video editing software used in making Youtube videos. Wondershare Filmora is the best video editing software for beginners since it provides an easier way for people to add and edit audio and color effects. Wondershare Filmora is now even better with its advanced features such as Green Screen, Tilt-shift, PIP and Mosaic.

  1. Youtube Video Editor – available for both Windows and Mac, Youtube Video Editor is among the best video editing software for creating videos for Youtube. With its free access, it provides an easy way for YouTubers to use specialized tools and effects to upload high-quality customized videos to Youtube.

  1. Pinnacle Studio 19 – With features that enables multi-cam editing, dual preview and audio ducking, Pinnacle Studio 19 is now one of the easiest video editing software used by beginners. It has an easy access platform that enables you to create videos with amazing effects. Conveniently, Pinnacle Studio 19 also features Project bins that enable users to import their files into a collection.

  1. Virtual Dub – Suitable for 32-bit and 64- bit Windows platform, virtual dub is uniquely designed for processing linear video streams that includes filtering and recompression. Virtual Dub is a one of today’s video editing software specifically because it is effective even if one is only using a digital camera and can also process files in large numbers.

  1. Windows Movie Maker – Windows Movie Maker has been one of the most famous editing software used by beginners. Its unique features are conveniently personalized to help you create, edit and even publish your videos. With its simple features and fun transitions, it is an ideal software for making slideshows and editing videos for beginners.

  1. Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5 – Corel VideoStudio Pro is one of the most famous video editing software used by Youtubers. It features a multi-track timeline editing and four angle multi-camera video editors making it so convenient in creating and publishing high-quality videos.

  1. Lightworks – Lightworks is also among the best video editing software used by professionals not only because of its free access and compatibility to both Mac and Windows but also due to its support for video resolution amounting to 4k. It is a non-linear video editing software that works well on both HD and SD format videos and is now used even in editing popular films.

  1. Adobe Premier Pro CS6 – Updated with the latest editing tools and improved mercury playback engine, Adobe Premier Pro is the perfect definition of high-quality video editing. Adobe Premier Pro enables you to edit your video and make it into however way you desire.

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