How to Create a Video with your MacBook Pro

When shooting videos that does not require too many movements or that only focuses on one particular setting, one does not anymore require to own expensive video shooting tools. Today, with only your MacBook pro webcam, you can efficiently publish videos of high quality. Following the steps below, you can surely produce high-quality videos that would even exceed your expectations of videos taken through webcams.


  1. The initial step in every project you plan on would be to brainstorm. In brainstorming, you can conceptualize your final output and be able to determine the details that should be included in the video. While brainstorming, you can also decide the appropriate place where you should take your video.

  1. Place your Macbook in a place that would make sure that its webcam could capture the necessary details of your video. If you are the focus of your video, make sure that it could clearly capture your face or any other details that should be in the video. Also, make sure that your Macbook is placed safe from falling or any other hazards that might damage your pc.

  1. Go to your preferred application in recording videos. When using Macbook Pro, you can choose to use either Photo booth, QuickTime player or iMovie.

  1. Record your video. In recording your video, never forget the details you have gathered while brainstorming.

  1. Review your recorded video. In this step, you are required to watch the shots you have taken to be able to ensure that the shots are efficient for your over-all project. Retake shots that needs to be retaken and add shots that you think should be added. This step should not be omitted necessarily because when reviewing your recorded video you could also realize more ideas in how it should be edited.

  1. Edit your videos. Edit your video following the concept you have gathered during the initial step of brainstorming or while reviewing your video. Always be open-minded to new ideas on how to make your videos even better. In editing your videos, never forget that your imagination is the only limit.

  1. Watch your edited video. Similar to the fifth step, after editing, you should watch your overall product. This would make sure that you have your desired outcome and will also give you the opportunity to edit your videos and improve it. You can also decide to let other watch it to be able to hear other people’s opinion of it. However, it is very crucial to always remember that it is your project and that you are the one who, at the end, should decide on how it would look like. Trust yourself.


  1. Publish your video. After your hard work and patience, you can now enjoy your video however way you want. You can either publish it on your blog, upload it to Youtube or any other social media sites. If intending to upload it on Youtube or other social media, make sure that you are able to save your videos into a format compatible to the site where you intend to upload it.



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