How to Create Videos on iPhone

With the digital age comes more efficient ways in taking videos. Today, one does not anymore require highly expensive cameras and other equally expensive materials to shoot good quality videos. With just your iPhone, you can now be assured to take high-quality videos with high-quality effects. Here are the steps in making videos with just your iPhone in your hand.

  1. Conceptualize your video. In this step, you are to decide what your video should center on. Be it a recording of a surprise party, a tutorial or a vlog, one must first conceptualize what the video should look like to be able to capture every necessary detail. You could also write scripts to be able to include all important information that should be in the video. It is also important for you to consider who your intended audience are to be able to feature in the video things that would surely interest them and omit parts that will not be considered necessary for the overall production.

  1. Check your iPhone storage. Most videos taken through iPhone have been epic failures due to the person’s failure to check the storage first. Having conceptualized your video, you must now have the idea on how long this video should be and how much it’s going to cost your iPhone storage. If your storage proves not to be enough for the project you are planning on, you can decide either to purchase Cloud storage to free up your device or delete as many unnecessary files as you can.

  1. Switch to “Do Not Disturb” mode. Notifications can actually distract and destroy your project. Before shooting videos, you have to make sure that there are no phone calls or notifications that will distract you and damage your desired outcome for your videos.

  1. Shoot your video. Make sure that all the details you need would be captured. To be able to avoid blurry parts which is caused by your movements, you must make sure to lock your exposure. This can be done by tapping your screen on the focus of your video before hitting record.

 It is also very important to remember that if you aim for videos of high-quality, you must avoid the zoom capability of your iPhone for it will only make the video look bad.

  1. Watch the shots you have taken. Before moving to the next step, which is the editing, you first have to watch your video to be able to make sure that you have all the shots necessary for the success of your project. Retake parts which you think should be retaken.

  1. Edit your video. In editing videos, make sure to use a video editor that you know well how to operate. This is so that you can make sure that you can properly edit your videos and provide the outcome you desire. When using your iPhone, suggested video editing software would be Wondershare Filmora and iMovie.

  1. Watch your video. After editing, you should not directly upload or publish your video. Before these steps, you must first carefully watch your videos and look for the details that require more editing. This is necessary to be able to make sure that your over-all outcome have reached, if not surpassed your expectations.

  1. Publish your project. Having been satisfied with your overall outcome, you can now confidently publish your video and upload it to your blog, to Youtube, or any other social media sites.
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